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Ideal Features of DSS houses to Rent

DSS stands for Department of Social Security. DSS houses means those houses which people or the tenants are willing to have and can receive financing housing benefits from the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) from the Local Council. This allowance contributes towards the living expenses of theirs. Let us see some other features of DSS houses to rent:

100% Private Properties: The properties available in the DSS houses to rent are 100% private properties. It means that no piece of property is of government or public. So the tenants will not at all have to share it with anyone. It is necessary to clarify here so because one may assume that since the local council finances the house so there may be chances of making some compromises beyond wish.

No Agents’ fees: If we particularly talk about the DSS houses to rent at there is no fees of the agent. Agent, the one who plays the role of the middlemen to help you reach the right property and will have all the rights of having a strong amount of money as commission or brokerage. But here this is not the case; one does not have to bear the loss of money. It is so because we directly can deal with the landlord itself and can get access o thousands of property pieces.

Students’ Accommodation: The best part of DSS Houses to rent is the availability of houses or rooms for more convenience for the students. Generally, a house is given to rent to a family and the entire costs of the rent and the other expenses are to be borne by the owner of the family only. We are talking about the expenses that come beyond the financial support of the local council. In the case of students many students can be a part of the same apartment and bear the expenses.

Direct Dealing: The best part of dealing with landlords for the tenants or with the tenants for the landlords is direct dealing. There is no agent’s fee, which we have already discussed in one of the previous points. But besides this one also enjoys the benefit of direct dealing. It is good as there is no communication gap in between the two parties. It is simple and easy for both especially the landlord to explain the terms and conditions of using the house.

Instant Alerts: We are in the world of communication or of information technology. It means that if we have all the facilities of instant communication in other aspects of life so why not in DSS houses to rent also. We have all the facilities of registration of your contact number and getting instant sms alerts and email alerts too so that we may not lose any property or a landlord may not lose any potential tenant.

Option of Short Lets: Short lets; as the name suggests is the accommodation option or facility which says that there is a possibility for a tenant to stay at a house just for a few days. It is not necessary that one needs to take a house or room only for a year’s time period and if one does not need to stay there he has to bear the rent or lose the deposit of the pre-decided duration of the agreement.

100% focused: We at are fully, totally and completely focused on bring the best for you and find out the best quality DSS houses and rooms be it short lets or not by providing the best facilities to the landlords and giving them the best possible business deals.

Unlimited Property Options: We have many options on the shelves. We have thousands of property items ranging from small budget to the highest of budgets, varying in all the sizes and fulfilling all the demands that we can have related to beauty, cleanliness, hygiene, locality, etc. Yes there are options available for the urban and sub urban areas as well for just some rent.

Low Prices of Access: We would love to make you happy with all the world class designs available with the financing facility however everybody may not have the access to it because it is not available for free. One has to pay a nominal amount on a daily basis to check the availability of the kind of the house that you can call your dream house.

Financing Benefits: We should be thankful to the concept of DSS, Department of Social Security for helping us taking the accommodation by providing the financial support that would help us for our survival after having such beautiful DSS houses and rooms design and options are not locked!

So, in a nutshell, DSS houses to rent are a blessing for everyone and especially for the one who is new to the place, unaware of everything. So what are you waiting for, just visit