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Benefits to Private Landlords that accept DSS

Benefits! Benefits! Benefits! There are benefits to tenants and there are benefits to landlords. They are going to be at an advantage not only after getting a tenant but also before getting a tenant. The way the tenants are given many facilities the private landlords that accept DSS also get lot many facilities by us, that is:

No Advertising charges: The private landlords that accept DSS do not have to bear any advertising charges for displaying their property on the website of and this is not just a simple feature but it is a very deal because the world of advertising is based on earning scads of money with the help of charges for advertising; and this is a very well known fact that the one who needs something will surely pay for it.

No Admin Fees: You will be surprised to know long with not charging from landlords for advertising we also do not charge for any kind of administration charges. Administration costs may involve the entire work beginning from making your account to getting the pictures of the property while keeping the concerns of sizes and the format of the pictures.

Direct Contact with the Tenants: We do not believe in any kind of mediator ship and we just create a platform for both property seekers and property providers with a nominal fee from tenants to give full access to property items displayed. The private landlords that accept DSS do not have to pay any charges if the tenants want to contact them and their contact details are displayed with the advertisement.

No Referral Fees: We do make certain referrals also and we all know that it comes for a price; a fairly good price. It is surprising but true that we do not take any referral amount for making any references as we are only focused on making you flourish.

No Limits on Property Items: Another feature of for private landlords that accept DSS is that there are no limits to displaying the property items. Yes, it is not so with us that we give you a particular number of displays free and then we have slots for the charges which keep increasing with number of property items.

Property Portals: One more unique feature of displaying the advertisement on for private landlords that accept DSS is that there are 3 property portals on which one property advert is going to be displayed. Here are the 3 names which can help you take your property piece to the right market, at the right time in the right manner. We know that the traffic for searching good property does approach these property portals:

  • Rightmove
  • Zoopla
  • Gumtree

Genuine Tenants: However, it is clear from the above mentioned property portals for private landlords that accept DSS are going to provide genuine rush of the tenants and we do not need to worry the honesty of them.

Proper Guidance: No tenant or private landlords that accept DSS need to have any negative concerns regarding any formality or step at any given point of time. You are requested to feel free to contact us at any stage and ask us any query without giving a second thought of its sensibility. You will remain our respected client in every case we are here to guide you to provide the best service and make the best team.

Legal Documentation: All the operational work takes place with the help of legal formalities and no details or no identities are kept in disguise. All the things take place with complete documentation conforming to the legal formalities. So whether anyone is a tenant or private landlords that accept DSS, does not need to raise any doubt in the mind related to any mishap.

Besides, one more idea you can try and that is of providing the pictures of the locality with especially highlighting the facilities nearby and the kind of buildings available which will give you an edge over other adverts and there would be higher chances of your property piece getting selected.

So, dear private landlords that accept DSS is where you will find such a combination of genuine tenants, no admin charges, no advert fee, various property portal, unlimited listing of property, direct contact with tenants, proper guidance, appropriate documentation, picture display and many more!